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Seemed much less eventful

Posted on 2009.03.11 at 00:24
Current Music: Mauro playing Pikmin Giddilu
Today I worked.  It was tuesday which means that Mauro and I opened together.  Nothing really happened at work today.  It was incredibly slow, and for the first time since it came out, Slumdog went a set (timeslot) without selling a single ticket.  The rest of the day continued it's slowness.  I took some pictures at work but nothing too interesting. 

I am starting to miss people to hango out with after hours.  Mauro and maggie are good times but they never want to leave the apartment at night.  I always want to just go someplace and do something but we usually just sit at the apartment playing video games or watching vids.  Courtney was a good person to befriend since we used to just meet up at midnight and go buy slurpees and sit at the beach.  But that was so long ago.

I took about a 45 minute break when writing this so I kinda forgot where I was.  I guess I will just leave you with Day 2:

This is me breaking down trailers at work.  I only did 3 before I got bored.  It is a very lame task that I have to do, and only takes about 4 minutes per trailer, but I just was not in the mood.  Oh also, apparently Brandi took away the Osio discounts at Lumiere.  Her cafe must really be hitting the bottom.


What happen !!
0035 at 2009-03-12 10:30 (UTC) (Link)
And THAT'S why you don't wear Birkenstocks.
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