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i use the word blog loosely.

i am new to this.

2 May 1988
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My name is Brad. I like music. I work in an independent movie theater. I would really like to be a talent agent for some no-talent recording company. I like meeting people, but then i usually get bored of them easily. I enjoy new things and change. It is sort of a conundrum though because I then go on to fear change.

Oh yeah, although most people wouldn't notice right off the bat, i enjoy sports. And I attempt to skate somedays.

art, awkward, basslines, batting eyelashes, being confused, being dazed, being energetic, being helped, being kicked, being lost, being rejected, being revolted, being right, being tripped, being wrong, black and white composition, bleeding, blinking, blood, boots, boys dressed like girls, breath, bright eyes, bruises, camus, caring, cartoons, clapping, colors, conundrums, cookies, cuddles, cursing, cute, dairy, dancing, dark hair, daydreaming, death, decks, depression, digicams, diners, double takes, dress up, drumbeats, dryness, ears, emotions, exclamation points, existentialism, eyes, faces, fights, film, fingers, fragile minds, frailness, frames, fuzzies, gibbons, girls, girls dressed like boys, glass, glue, go! team, god complex, hair, hands, hellos, hope, infections, ingenuity, ink, knee socks, knives, laughing, laughter, liars, lies, lightheadedness, lights, looking away, looks, love, makeup, malnourishment, milk, mirrors, mixtapes, monsters, movies, music, nonsense, noticing, pain, paintings, paper, patience, pens, people, people watching, personal ads, philosophy, photos, pillbox, pleasure, pointlessness, ponytails, posters, protrusion, question marks, questions, rope, sartre, scabs, shoelaces, skate, sleep, smells, smiles, smirks, soccer, socks, sonic youth, spit, sponges, stares, staring, suffering, sunburns, swearing, synonyms, tape, tattoos, tears, the human body, thinking about death, ties, toes, tongues, values, water, weak knees, women, woody allen, words, wounds, xiu xiu